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Updated June 28, 2013


 A Brief Primer on Montana's Legislative Makeup for 2013

Montana has 50 Senate districts and 100 House districts for a total of 150 legislators.  Senators serve for four years and the House Representatives for two years.  Every two years, half of the Senate, 25 Senate seats, are up for election.  All House seats are up for election every two years.  Montana voters approved term limits; 8 years or two terms for Senators and 8 years or four terms for House members.  

In the 2013 Session, the House has 62 Republicans and 38 Democrats.  The Speaker of the House is Mark Blasdell, (R-Somers). Republicans maintained their majority in the Senate with a 28-22 majority.  Senator Jeff Essmann (R-Billings) was elected Senate President.

Governor Steve Bullock and his Lieutenant Governor John Walsh are both Democrats.  The 2013 Legislative Session will be their first one.  With Republicans in control of the House and Senate and the Executive Branch controlled by Democrats, it could be a recipe for gridlock or a model for effective governance.  Time will tell!  For more legislative information visit the Montana State Legislative pages.

Our US Congressional delegation is comprised of two Senators - Max Baucus and Jon Tester, both Democrats, and one House Representative - Steve Daines, a Republican.  Links to their websites are listed below.  

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