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Updated February 8, 2013

The Montana Restaurant Association Education Foundation (MTRAEF) was established in 2004 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to help train skilled workers for our restaurant industry which is experiencing a critical shortage of employees.  Nationwide, there is a crucial need for employees capable of supervisory and management positions.

  • Roughly 12% of high school graduates complete a technical or vocational program.
  • Another 43% complete college prep programs -- only half earn a Bachelor's degree. 
  • The remaining 45% graduate with complete "general track diplomas of uncertain focus; they earn the credits required to graduate, but are not prepared for anything beyond high school" (US Dept of Education).  The American Youth Policy Forum refers to these students as the "forgotten half" and notes there are "hundreds of thousands of young men and women who aspire to work productively but never quite 'make it' to that kind of employment. For these young people members of the forgotten half, their lives as adults start in an economic limbo of unemployment, part-time jobs and poverty wages. Many of them never break free."

The MTRA Edu Foundation is your resource for the Pro-Start program, a high school level curriculum that teaches food preparation and safety.  A certificate is available for those students taking the full two-year class from certified teachers at their local high school.  There are several schools in Montana that currently offer the ProStart curriculum. The MTRAEF may be able to help with the initial start-up costs for teacher certification and text books. For more infomation call Julie at 800-388-0236.

Since 2008, a team from Montana has also competed in the annual State and National ProStart Challenge in food prep and presentation.  These students are the talented chefs of tomorrow. 

Both alcohol and food safety training are offered on-line for your employees and management staff.  For more information about the MTRAEF, the ProStart program, or the on-line training, please call Julie at 800-388-0236.


Click here to go directly to the SSAMONTANA on-line alcohol training site.


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